What types of contact lenses?

Torsic, multifocal, gelatinous, rigid, permeable gas. There are different types of contact lenses and each of them best suits every eye disorder, lifestyle and personal or health requirements. Know a little more about each type of lenses.


Because they are made from poorly flexible materials, rigid contact lenses are more uncomfortable and less adherent than gelatinous ones, but offer better quality of vision in cases of irregular astigmatism and keratoconus.

Permeable gas

Practically a combination of the rigid and gelatinous lenses, they are made with a mixture of materials that, while not very flexible, allow better oxygenation and, consequently, more comfort.


A relatively new type of contact lenses is widely used in cases of people with keratoconus or corneal ulcers. Although they are rigid and not very flexible, they offer a lot of comfort, since they are supported by the sclera, that is, the white part of the eye, not the cornea.


The most common type of contact lenses, are quite flexible, adherent and comfortable. Gelatinous lenses have variations in relation to disposal, material, wetting capacity and others. Toric They are lenses that correct astigmatism, whether or not combined with myopia or farsightedness.


Generally indicated for older people and for those who suffer from presbyopia, they help maintain a good visual focus at different distances.


Used with medical supervision, they are indicated mainly during postoperative and in cases of corneal ulcer. They are usually gelatinous and with high oxygen permeability.


Colored contact lenses with designs that make the pupils larger, there are a multitude of types of aesthetic contact lenses. Quite used in costumes, they may or may not degree.

By discard

There are daily, biweekly, monthly and even annual disposable contact lenses. The differences favor the users according to the lifestyle, the activities carried out by them and the health. People who are allergic to cleaning solutions, for example, prefer the daily disposable lenses.