Contact lenses and sports

People are increasingly replacing their glasses with contact lenses to practice sports. This is not a coincidence. Contact lenses make the movements easier and there is less risk of being damaged during the activity. Furthermore, it minimizes image distortions, providing for a vision closer to the reality, with great comfort.

However, before deciding to retire your glasses, at least while practicing sports, you must consult your specialist. Sportspeople usually have a hectic life. Invariably, before and after each exercise they need to perform the famous ritual of putting in and taking out the contact lenses, which is not always easy.

For this kind of user, Solótica has the option of disposable soft contact lenses. They are extremely comfortable and easy to adapt.

Being flexible, they are not so easy to damage as the rigid contact lenses. And, in addition, they are easier to clean and the short-period cycle makes them less susceptible to environmental contamination.

However, before you change, it is important to visit an ophthalmologist, especially to follow up the contact lenses adaptation process. Your routine will change. You will have to get used to the contact lenses cleaning and maintenance procedures (learn how to correctly clean your contact lenses), and you will have to carry with you cleaning solutions. If you swim, do not forget that the use of contact lenses requires special goggles.