Divergent and convergent lenses: what are the differences?

Ocular disorders such as myopia and hyperopia occur when, for some reason, the image is focused before or after the retina. To provide quality vision, ophthalmologists recommend the use of divergent or converging lenses, which are capable of shifting the focus point to the retina, making it possible to see clearly. Understand how they work.

Converging lenses

Used in the correction of hyperopia, that is, in cases where it is difficult to clearly see objects at a short distance, these convex shaped lenses cause the image, formed after the retina in hypermetropes, to be focused on it and can be seen clearly. In ophthalmic recipes, they correspond to the positive value.

Divergent lenses

De valor negativo e formato côncavo, são utilizadas na correção da miopia. No distúrbio, as imagens se formam antes da retina, dificultando o foco para objetos localizados a uma maior distância. O que as lentes divergentes fazem é “abrir” os raios de luz e prolongar o foco da visão para que ele incida na retina.