Natural Colors are soft lenses showing a fine finish and highly natural effect. In 9 stunning soft colors and a very delicate ring around the íris, Natural Colors is the lens offering beauty and power options from +15,00 thru -15,00, and also toric lenses produced by order for the patient. Please note that Solótica starting from this date, will be gradually discontinuing the following products and colors: Hidrocharme Contact Lenses: all colors and powers Colors: Esmeralda, Marine, Azul and Verde (in Hidrocor-Natural Colors-Hidrocharme versions)


Material: Polymacon
Hidratação: 38%
Powers: -15,00 to +15,00D
Base Curve: 8.7

ø: 14.2mm


Powers: Esf. -20,00 to +10,00D Cyl -00,75 to -7,00

Base Curve: 8,7 | 8,9 | 9,1

ø: 14.8mm